What we do

Let's face it: Your company needs to continue to grow in order to survive. If you were a billion-dollar company, you would have a staff of highly compensated individuals doing your marketing. Until you reach that level, HaiChris will take the task of marketing off your busy plate. We will help you grow from where you are to where you want to be, and we are very good at what we do.

Market Research

Don't sell meat to a vegan. We take a 10,000 ft. view of your company, your customers, and your competition. We find out who they are, what they want and what your competition is doing. With this information, we learn how to talk to your potential customers about what is important to them when doing business with you.

Marketing Concepts & Ideas

We work to build a bridge between you and your potential customers. The more we can differentiate you from your competition, the lower the marketing cost to your potential customers. You can expect creative ideas and wacky concepts. Whatever it takes to get you the most customers at the lowest cost.

Think Tank Services

We talk with you about benefits and what makes you different than your competition. If you are the same as your competitor then your customers will buy the cheaper product. The resulting price war will inevitably cause your profits to shrink.

We help you pull away from the competition, giving customers a reason to choose you. This results in loyal customers and higher profits.

Printing Services

We use sophisticated software and the newest digital machines to produce direct mail campaigns and collateral material for the highest impact and lowest cost. We also provide almost every mailing and email list available with multiple segments. This helps us market to a more specific audience saving you money.

Think of it this way: a case study

We did a mailing for a client to all seniors age 65 and over for Medicare products. We mailed 39,371 pieces and got a 3.1% response rate at a cost of $23.42 per lead. We analyzed the responses and found out that 98% of the responses were ages 70‑73, female, and Caucasian.  So in the next mailing, we mailed to this specific demographic, which was only 7,216 pieces with a return of 12.4%, lowering the cost per lead to $5.86.

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